Almost seven years ago, we - Ankie and daughter Johanneke – decided to leave our busy lives and the overcrowded Netherlands to follow our dream. We dreamt of a peaceful life in nature, a life where both animals and people would feel free.  We searched, found and then set out to transform our treasure - an old smithy, in the rolling hills of the Puy de Dome, (Auvergne) - into a lovely Chambre d’Hotes.


After years of hard work within the walls of this beautiful old farm - a wonderfully quiet place – our dream has come true. Now, we share a life of bliss with our rescued horses, goats, dogs and cats.



Many of our guests have commented on the sort of contemplative mood here, an atmosphere that you would sooner expect in a monastery; time to reconnect with nature and yourself. You can simply enjoy a day of doing nothing or truly immerse yourself in a good book.


For those of you that prefer a little more action a myriad of possibilities awaits, we’ll mention just a few:


       -   Nearby, a volcanic lake that invites you to swim or pedal boat

       -   Visit the thermal baths in Vichy

       -   This beautiful area is great for long hikes  - enjoy charming villages, amazing fields and

           refreshing, beautiful lakes

       -   Climb the Puy de Dome, the renowned top of the volcano is a challenge indeed

       -   Or spend a day in Clermont Ferrand  - a lovely old town with many quaint little alleys and

           streets, shops and an impressive Cathedral.

       -   For children the Adventure park “Vulcania’ is definitely worth a visit

       -   Adventurous souls will appreciate the incredible view from above when delta flying or ballooning


Late at night, wrapped in a blanket, curl up in a comfy chair to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of a star lit night sky; the kind of “Starry starry night” you do not get to see back home! Here, at La Vieille Forge we still enjoy true darkness at night.


Inspired by all this beauty your creative side might just be tempted – go-ahead grab an easel and a paintbrush – surprise yourself! An artist hides inside of everyone!


In the evening, we invite you to join us for a healthy meal and a good glass of wine – enjoy the quiet and simple pleasures of life!!

We are open all year around. For a winter impression, click here !

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